Our Top 5 Fall 2020 Floral Trends

Happy Fall! Today on the blog we're introducing you to our top five biggest floral trends for Fall 2020, inspired by both interior design and floral design industries. Read on to learn more and see how you can incorporate these ideas in your home for a richer, fuller life. 

Plants and Biophilic Design

There is a surge in people wanting to live lightly, to incorporate real living plants in their homes, and to choose more sustainable materials. We can certainly help with adding more green plants to your living space!

It is meditative to water and check on the growth of your plants. Each week offers a few moments to slow down and appreciate exactly what's happening right now in the moment. Perhaps your plant needs an older leaf pruned away, or perhaps the plant has sprouted a new leaf. Some plants will lean into the sun, and you'll want to rotate them so they grow evenly.

Each plant has different characteristics, and while they hail from all over the globe originally, we select plants that are easy to care for in a typical home environment. Plants purify the air, so breathe deeply as you care for them! 

A plant filled room is a happy cozy room! Biophilic design is a huge trend for Fall 2020.


We've been seeing monochromatic design arise as another Fall Trend, in interior design and in flowers. As an example of the monochromatic Fall Trend, we're offering unique wreaths of colorful bunny tails! Expertly dried and dyed, these fluffy grasses are a lovely addition to any home. Buy them in a wreath, handmade by our skilled designers, or buy a bouquet if you already have a beloved container for them. Available in ultraviolet and cerise. Other colors available, just ask! 

Front view of our monochromatic Cerise Bunny Tail Wreath.  Handmade with pride in America


Yet another fall trend we're highlighting is the Grandmillenial interior design trend. It's classic with a modern twist. Think of chinoiserie paired with modern, clean-lined furniture. If this is what you're going for, we have a selection of gorgeous chinoiserie vases, and we love pairing them with the clean-lined look of white hydrangea and roses, as shown in our Blue and White Delight arrangement. 

Grandmillenial design - classic with a twist of modern. Blue and white chinoiserie vases and similar decor


Classicism is another Fall Trend we're seeing a lot of and that looks a lot like: clean lines like the pillars of Athens, soft earthy colors that mimic stone and marble, and a refined sense of aesthetics. Here we're featuring a photo from a recent wedding at Tudor Place in DC. Right before you enter the outdoor ceremony space, they have a lovely fountain with a cherub. We were thrilled to highlight this Classic element with flowers. 

Example of Classicism - Flowers on a fountain featuring a cherub


The final Fall Trend we're highlighting is Personalization. Avoiding perfectionism, folks are now looking to create highly customized interior spaces that reflect their genuine selves as well as their travels. This extends to floral design as well.

Here's how we offer personalization:

1. We hand-write every note with every order. Hand-written messages create a sense of connection with your recipient.
2. Specific Blooms, Color, or Style: Our Bespoke Arrangement can be customized for your recipient, within reason and with enough notice. For example, if you know your recipient loves specific blooms, or the color purple, we can definitely work with you to source specific blooms if in season.
3. Have a specific memory or inspiration about your recipient? Give us a call at 703-518-8488 to discuss and we'll create an artistic representation based on your input.

Note Personalization Flat Lay

We hope you loved reading our hot take on five of the biggest floral trends for Fall 2020! 

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