Flowers for Him

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and romance is in the air... If you are wondering what to get your husband or boyfriend for this holiday, look no further than your local florist. Yes! That’s right. Flowers and plants make wonderful gifts for men. Men love receiving flowers and plants as gifts, and studies have shown that men who are given flowers become better communicators with their partners. They make better eye contact, stand closer, and communicate better. If you’re hoping to create a magical evening, start with flowers for your man. Here are five tips for choosing the right design.

Orchids are both exotic yet modern and make a great gift for a man. They naturally bloom in winter, which means your gift will provide beauty for many cold days to come. Contrary to popular belief, orchids are hearty and easy to care for plants. Be sure to ask your florist for their best tips on caring for your plant.

We all know roses are the gold standard for expressing love on Valentine’s Day. They are love’s most classic and enduring symbol and great for both men and women. Paired with deep dark greenery, the design can have more masculine appeal. Better yet, choose a modern, pave design of massed blooms for a dramatic appearance.

Love green? Did you know there are even green roses! But best make plans so your florist has them on hand for you.


Flower scents are cathartic, but a masculine touch, look for blooms that have less of a sweet and more of a spicy aroma. Our favorite is stock, which has the warm scent of cloves.

The container the flowers are in elevate the design. Choose options that are metallic or wood appearance vs. glass for masculine appeal. In other words… anything but plastic wrap

Bottom line: When you send flowers to your loved ones, you feel good, and your recipients feel marvelous. Valentine’s day flowers are undoubtedly a great way to remember one that you love.