Behind the Design: Thanksgiving Sneak Peek + Flower Care

This Thanksgiving, you’re going to love the perfectly autumnal hues found in our Thanksgiving Collection. Decorating for your holiday feast has never been easier with our timeless, stylish floral designs. Available in 4 sizes, you're sure to find the one that speaks to your heart. Reservations open on 11.05.21.


Color Palette

Check it out: 

Premium burgundy roses as our focal flower, two-toned dusty peach spray roses and harvest gold mums for our intermediary blooms, plus red berries for juiciness, and foliages that blend in olive, mauve, and terracotta hues. 

Fall is all about celebrating textures, and you’ll love finding surprising botanical elements throughout each design. 

Color Palette 2

Flower Care: 

Here are our top tips for keeping your flowers looking fresh for the holidays. 

    1. Keep the flowers cool. This is why we keep them in our temperature & humidity regulated coolers (dissimilar from a regular food fridge). You could go next-level and put them in a garage overnight, but mostly, keep them away from heat sources and likely out of the kitchen. 
    2. Keep the flowers hydrated. Check them every day or two. For designs made in foam, keep in mind the foam just holds the stems in place - it doesn't do a great job of hydrating them. So make sure there is some water pooled at the bottom of the liner. For vase arrangements, make sure the water is clean. Dirty water = short-lived blooms. Vase arrangements will generally last longer IF you refresh the water regularly, trim the stems, and wash the vase if it looks dirty. 

There you have it. It is that simple, but as florists, we know how busy life can be, and refreshing the water sometimes doesn't come to mind unless the flowers are already expiring. We get it!

The important thing is to have reasonable expectations. Some blooms are notoriously short-lived no matter what you do (dahlias, spray roses, etc.), and others are incredibly hardy (mums). 

Bonus tips:  

Pull out expired stems and keep your blooms away from fruit & veggies to prevent premature expiration of the other blooms.


Remember:  online reservations for Thanksgiving flowers open on 11.05.21. 


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