Styling Your Home With Our Fall Collection

Here at Petal’s Edge we love flowers and want to share our passion with you. We’ve dedicated ourselves to a life in flowers with a goal of sharing the loveliest blooms at the peak of their freshness with you and your loved ones.

Everyone benefits from having fresh flowers in their home. Flowers promote feelings of relaxation and happiness. We could all use a little more of those positive feelings these days! We’re lucky that we get to be around flowers every day, and we want that joy for you too! So today we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to style flowers at home, featuring our Fall Collection.

Let's dive in!


Dreamy Fall Bud Vase Suite

Our Fall Bud Vase Suite is a great way to add a touch of autumnal colors to your home. Feel free to tell us in the Order Notes if there is a particular color palette you desire as we can accommodate any of the color palettes shown in our Fall Collection.

  • Dot them on styled shelves in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Cluster them on a small or round table.
  • Line them up down a long dining table.
  • Put 1 in a small room with less counter space, such as a small guest bathroom.
  • Cluster them on a tray and place on a coffee table.
  • Light a few votives near them to dial up the mood.



The centerpieces are photographed in our Petite, Standard, and Large sizes. Available, but not shown, is our Luxe size. Our Luxe size is available in two shapes: Tall & Showy, and Lush & Wide. Let us know which shape you prefer in the Order Notes during online checkout. A Tall & Showy is perfect for a sideboard in a formal dining room, or anywhere a statement piece would be welcome. A Lush & Wide is perfect as a statement centerpiece on a large dining table. 

Kumquat, Kale, and Cocoa 

We love this design because it clearly conveys a sense of time and place – it’s Fall! – without a sprinkle of pumpkin spice. The arrangement shown here is a Large size. The birch bark pot is available in a square Petite sized vase upon request and in advance notice of the delivery date.  

How to style these blooms:

  • Style this as shown on a coffee table.
  • Place on or near copper, bronze, or burgundy objects in your home to play up the cozy hues.
  • Include this on your dining table for your next family meal. 


Sunlight and Shadows 

We love the contrast in this design. This piece is inspired by how the shadows darken and the quality of the light changes in the fall. The photographed arrangement is our Petite size, though it is quite lush!  

  • Place on an entryway table as a warm welcome.
  • Dining al fresco to enjoy the crisp air? Bring these blooms and see how they shine during golden hour.
  • We love a Petite sized arrangement on our nightstand, and bet you would too!


Coffee and Cream 

This centerpiece is shown in our Standard size. We love a neutral palette because it works in nearly any space with any décor.

  • Pair with a bud vase of neutral-toned grasses to play up the toffee roses.
  • Elegantly play up blush décor – pillows, a throw, or a painting - with this design.
  • Place this arrangement in high traffic, low touch, areas so you can see, but not bump into, these beautiful blooms.



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